Need FileMaker data in Word format?

fmp2Word is the simple enterprise solution to that problem!


  • How fmp2Word works in just 3 steps!

    A Word document is imported into fmp2Word with bookmarks as data points A few scripts transfers the data from your database to the fmp2Word database fmp2Word exports the document (to a path you specify) and merges your FileMaker data Note…

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  • Nearly ready to go!

    It’s been a long time coming but fmp2Word is nearly ready to go. Just polishing of some documentation, videos and triple checking everything against all versions of Mac, Windows, FileMaker (12-14) and Word. The demo IS the full package, with…

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  • Coming Back Soon!

    Our old site was trashed by our old hosting company. We are nearly ready to bring you not only the website but fmp2Word V3 for FileMaker® 12 & 13 for Mac and Windows. Please send all enquiries to the developer…

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Multi-user, cross platform and server friendly, fmp2Word gives you the ability to create Word* documents based on your FileMaker† data.  Word document templates can be stored and updated, and documents saved locally or on a network share easily, all via FileMaker® and fmp2Word.

Design your Word document with headers, footers, tables and columns that all can contain ‘merge’ bookmarks, where text of any size (1 character to 100’s of words) can be substituted from your FileMaker® data and changes can be made any time in Word with immediate results.  Layout changes are made in Word not FileMaker®!

fmp2Word has been in production use for over 10 years, and the latest version works with versions 12 & 13 of FileMaker®, Microsoft Word on Mac or Windows. As a FileMaker® database, fmp2Word is ideal for network environments where a document directory structure can easily be created.

This is NOT a mail merge system but rather a single document creation program.  A fully operational demo will be available for download soon!

Please e-mail us with any questions or requests.

Register your interest in V3 on the Download page.

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